Personalized Services

When arranging a funeral service, you and your family have specific wishes and desires. Some of these are ways you wish to celebrate the memory of your loved one. Other needs involve matters that were meaningful to the person who has died.

Music, Memorial Tribute Videos, Memory boards, memory tables, dove releases, and other individual mementos help create and tell a one-of-kind story. Please ask us about the many ways to communicate these cherished memories, or ask us how we can accommodate your special request.

The memories you create need not be complicated, for it's often the simple things that define us best.

How did he spend his time? 

What made her smile?

In what did he believe?

The answers to these and other questions form the basis for a meaningful and personalized funeral service.

A funeral is a unique event in the life of a family. Let us help you discover the power of personalization and the many ways to pay tribute to a very special life.