Connecting Family and Friends During This Difficult Time

Planning a funeral even under the best of circumstances is hard work. The current COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a rise in stress through lack of connection. Having a ceremony for your loved one might start to feel impossible. We believe in connecting family members, friends, and supporters from around the world- regardless of physical distance. 

We now offer online services that allow family and friends to view, offer support, share poems, and play instruments during their loved one's ceremony from the safety of their own homes. While these aren’t substitutes for in-person connections, it’s an effective, easy option for those who can’t be together. 

Live Video Conference: participate in your loved one's ceremony live on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

 Livestream: watch your loved one's ceremony live on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

 Keepsake Recording: watch your loved one's ceremony at a later time and share with those unable to attend

Planning Your Virtual Ceremony

Like any funeral ceremony, you need to plan the order of the service. Even though this is a virtual event, it still likely follows the same structure as an in-person funeral ceremony. If you plan to have guests speak, ensure they know what to expect and that they have a webcam and microphone.
Create a clear itinerary with the order of service.

You might choose to have:
Words of welcome
Prayer or scripture reading
Musical selections
Speeches and tributes

Participating in a Virtual Ceremony

As mentioned above, if you’re planning to participate in the virtual service, you should do some preparation. You might be asked to say a few words on camera in front of other virtual guests, or you might type your message into a virtual chatbox. 

Either way, prepare a few kind words about the deceased. Review short eulogy examples for some inspiration. Because you don’t want to take away time from the family’s service, keep things short and sweet. Even if you’re not a speaker, it’s considered polite to write a thoughtful message in the chat feature if that’s available.